Online Investing to Earn Money

Epic Royal shows early potential

The number of online investments that have attracted my money in 2012 has been very small. One exception is Epic Royal. Now I should say right up front that this is very much early days for me but so far all is good. The site is well designed, secure and has been well designed.

Is MLM the right business model for CoolTraderPro?

In the last week or so I’ve been introduced to CoolTraderPro software. This is an automated piece of software that is claimed to be completely set and forget once installed. It has been many years in development and is said to have some 14,000 users worldwide. The developer is an ex Microsoft executive who was sick of losing money on the stock market as brokers manipulated trades.

Last day to join NewGni

I very rarely post about the same online investment twice in succession. Today is different. If you didn’t read my last post then you may not be aware that NewGni is closing its doors to new members from 01 December. Since the announcement earlier this week over 800 new accounts have been registered so there is plenty of interest here.

NewGni to close its doors 01 December

In an earlier post I wrote about NewGni as being an investment that shows a lot of potential. I joined in February 2012 and since that time have been paid as regularly as clockwork. Well now that opportunity may soon be closed to anyone who is not already a member.

Betfair Democracy

For many people who like to explore alternative investment opportunities Betfair can be an attraction. Unfortunately, for many their governments deny access to this service. I find this both frustrating and disturbing. Why should someone else decide what I spend my money on. Trying to make an additional income is hard enough. Denying access to a perfectly respectable opportunity can only rub salt in the wounds.

EqPeak provides a financial trading education

One of the great tragedies of formal education for young people is lack of understanding when it comes to financial affairs. This has dire consequences as they grow older given that they make bad or uninformed decisions when it comes to looking after their affairs. I know from a personal perspective that my lack of financial knowledge in the past has prevented me from making wise investment decisions.

Zulutrade the portal for forex traders

I have tried several different forex programmes over the years. None have really given me a satisfactory return as the ways they worked meant having to spend a lot of time in front of a screen or using a MetaTrader application.

BullionVault for gold and silver

Some good news from BullionVault. Their business has progressed to the point where they are able to reduce the commission charges on client accounts. Actually, this won’t come into effect until November 25th although that doesn’t mean you should wait until then before buying gold or silver.

Has Imperia Invest really just been in hiding?…

The other day I was looking at the logs for who visited my site and the posts that were the most popular. It was something of a surprise to me to see that both Imperia Invest and Global Pension Plan are still very popular searches. I’d decided that I would write another post in the belief that we really all should move on now as both these programmes are dead and buried.

And then…

Today I received a comment on a previous post that purports to breathe some life into the Imperia Invest saga. Part of the comment was:

Auto Bank Builder place bot

Back in April of this year I received an email from John Duncan who has created several programmes based on horse racing and football. This email was to introduce Auto Bank Builder, a new horse racing system that uses a bot to place selections.

The selection file is made available on the evening before racing and all users have to do is download a zip file, unzip it and load the file into a bot.