Online Investing to Earn Money

Offshore Bank Account – should you bother?

Wherever you are on this little planet of ours you need to think very carefully about how best to protect what is yours. As something of a student of world financial affairs it is becoming increasingly clear that the current financial system is at risk. I recently watched a video explaining that the US would shortly suffer economically as other countries dump the US dollar as a way to pay for their oil.

Whilst this may not seem of that much importance to us as individuals we all should all take note.

Generating a replacement full time income in 3 to 4 years…

One of the reasons I sought information about online investments was to reach a point where I could retire knowing that I could maintain a reasonable standard of living. I’m not there yet.

Since I first started I’ve learnt a lot and feel that I know what to avoid if I am to be successful. My strategy now is to spread my net wider and wherever possible make sure that I have control over any funds I invest.

Newgni – Potential for financial freedom?

Readers who have monitored this blog for some time will recall that I was very keen on the Gold Nugget Invest (GNI) programme when it was going. Unfortunately, problems arose and it had to close. Normally that would have been the end of the story. But in this particular case it isn’t.

A drop of the hard stuff…

As gold approaches $1,800 an ounce commentators are still very bullish about the prospects. And so am I. There is increasing confidence that the price still has some way to go before it runs out of steam. Of course, the problem is trying to determine when that might be.

From what I’ve read we are still some three to five years away from a peak. At the right time those holding precious metals will look to sell and move the money into the next asset class that is showing potential for growth.

So where was I?…

I’ve been in absentia from this blog for many months. The reasons are not really of great importance but I reached a point where the world of online investing had twisted the knife one more time and the pain was more than I wanted to bear.

I’ve had a good time to reflect and am beginning to find the motivation to tap away at the keyboard once again.

As I read some of the later posts I wrote it’s clear that my optimism was generally overstated.

Grab your copy of the Secret Betting Club Essential Football Betting Guide…Kick-off is tomorrow!

The tension is building…the new football season is about to burst into life. For anyone who relishes the chance of profiting from the mass of games to be played I have some good news.

The folks over at the Secret Betting Club have produced a truly awesome guide to all you need to know. They have ‘persuaded’ their in-house experts to pen their words of wisdom for the coming season.

Global Pension Plan playing mind games?…

It’s been known for some time that the Global Pension Plan site was not accessible. The Turing code feature appeared to be disabled. For many, myself included, this strongly signalled that we’d reached the end of the road. They were long gone.

But wait, wait…what’s this the site is back again! Am I to be proved wrong in the end? Will the phoenix rise from the ashes and deliver on its promise?

Who can tell, I know I can’t. Is this just more teasing or a genuine attempt to re-establish contact? So many questions, so few answers.

More Money Review tightens access…and pours oil on the fire

Having been something of a regular contributor to More Money Review I’ve received an email asking to choose a permanent user name as the site is tightening security. From tomorrow Friday 29th July you will need to sign in to leave comments on the various opportunities under review.

Binary Options Pro Signals introduce IM alerts…

The Binary Options Pro Signals service is trialling the use of an IM service to inform members of potential trades. They are using GoogleTalk as the carrier and are asking for members who are interested to sign up now.

Secret Betting Club offers hot tips for Goodwood…

It’s high summer here in the UK and this week sees the start of ‘Glorious Goodwood’. This is one of the highlights of the UK horse racing season. Many top horses and jockeys will compete for big money prizes and the bragging rights that come with it.