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AutoXTen in countdown phase to official launch…Ideal opportunity for YOU to join

As I indicated in my last post AutoXTen has confirmed that they are ‘open for business’. This means that members can now fund their back office in preparation for the official launch.

AutoXTen is almost ready to go live…YOU should join now!

Just a very quick post to announce that AutoXTen is very close to going live and members being able to fund their positions.

If you have been waiting on the sidelines I would strongly recommend that you make the decision now to join. You really can just make a small investment of $10 and earn a substantial income off of it.

OneX offer for anyone who wants in…

Some time ago I joined OneX as it was introduced to me as a low entry cost network marketing system that had great potential. Initially encouraged I signed up and encouraged others to as well. Unfortunately OneX encountered delays along the way to launch that frustrated many people. As a result another program was set up in competition.

AutoXTen compensation plan tweaks…protecting profits for all

Last night my wife and one of my daughters headed off to Wembley Stadium in London to see a Take That concert. I’m no great fan of these events so was able to focus on other things.

AutoXTen means business…a serious Business

The latest teleconference at 3PM EST today provided an interesting insight into how AutoXTen is aimed at those people who are willing to put in effort to succeed.

Payment Processors, Alertpay and SolidTrustPay moving with the times…

If you are a regular reader you’ll know that in the last couple of weeks I’ve written a lot about AutoXTen and to a lesser extent OneX. Both programs are currently launching and have marketed heavily.

Ready, Steady, Fund…AutoXTen go-live not so far away now

For the last two and a half weeks there has been a continuous marketing push to pre-enrol members in AutoXTen. That’s still continuing but the news is that the go-live is not that far away.

SportArbs keep trading but communication is sparse…

Anyone who regularly visits the SportArbs site will have noticed that earnings are posted daily at the top of the website. Their performance remains remarkably consistent and on the face of it this would be an investment that should be in everyone’s portfolio.

Has Lady Gaga joined AutoXTen?…

I listened to one of the two daily calls that AutoXTen had a couple of days ago. These calls often showcase the leap in the number of members joining in pre-launch.

Last nail in the coffin for Imperia Invest and Global Pension Plan…

Looking at the stats for this website it seems that a lot of people are still trying to find out whether Imperia Invest or Global Pension Plan are likely to pay out.

In all honesty I think the answer has to be no!

There is absolutely no verifiable evidence of anyone receiving payments of any kind from either of these groups.

Being something of an optimist myself I did hold out some hope probably much longer than I should have. Now, however, I feel we should finally nail down those particuar coffin lids.