Last nail in the coffin for Imperia Invest and Global Pension Plan…

Looking at the stats for this website it seems that a lot of people are still trying to find out whether Imperia Invest or Global Pension Plan are likely to pay out.

In all honesty I think the answer has to be no!

There is absolutely no verifiable evidence of anyone receiving payments of any kind from either of these groups.

Being something of an optimist myself I did hold out some hope probably much longer than I should have. Now, however, I feel we should finally nail down those particuar coffin lids.

If you still hang on to the belief that either of these companies will pay out could I respectfully suggest that you should put this down to experience and move on.

Looking back 2010 was a fairly disastrous year for anyone who was involved in either Imperia Invest or Global Pension Plan as promises given were never kept (and in hindsight never likely to be).

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