Update on TSY REIT

Well, its been a few weeks since we talked about restaurant REIT TSY. Motley Fool recently had an article explaining that they have used lease cash flow to cover their dividend. In the past they had relied on proceeds from asset sales (which I still contend is a fair strategy for their space of the real estate industry). The author has concerns on some other issues and these are mentioned in the article. (ie debt levels)

From the article,

Newer Hotel REIT Offers More Shares and Increases Dividend

Highland Hospitality, a new 'high end' hotel REIT that manages 24 hotels, is offering 7.3 million more shares around $12.30. (The stock went public at 10 in 2003).

ConAgra May Be Waiting For Our Money

This one seems straightforward?: Conagra Foods (NYSE - CAG). This bad boy is paying a little over 5%, has been raising dividends for at least 10 years, and seems to be poised for rediscovery by investors. With a price of $21.12, a p/e of around 14, the stock is at a lower valuation than others in its industry group (Univelever, Kraft, Danon, ADM).

Donaldson Capital: Rising Dividend Investing: Wells Fargo on the Move

Just found this guy Greg Donaldson whose blog is about dividend/value investing. He is a money manager in Evansville Indiana. He has held Wells Fargo for a long time and really seems to like it.

Donaldson Capital: Rising Dividend Investing: Wells Fargo on the Move

BTW, some WFC basics -- roughly 15 p/e and a dividend of over 3%. Pretty typical stats for a large banking firm.

Iowa Senator Fights to Keep Dividend Tax @ 15%

Hey, if the dividend tax rate of 15% is ended that is gonna cost all us dividend investors twice -- higher taxes and potentially lost value. Get involved in the fight because there is no guarantee that the morons on the Hill are going to renew the low tax rate thru 2010.

Your Grandma Would Love This One

I've always liked Vermont (it has nothing to do with H. Dean). In fact, Green Mountain Coffee is really tastey as is Ben & Jerry's.

Restaurant REIT Looks Tasty to Me

I have been looking Trust Street Properties (NYSE - TSY) for a while now and am about to pull the trigger on some shares. Not only is it yielding just under 9% (under $15 a share; paying $1.32 a year), but there is a huge bonus. This REIT pays monthly!!!! That's right. You get some cash in hand (or dividend reinvestment) each month. That is huge. BTW, check out the dividend history since 1986, looks pretty fattening huh?

The Graduate and Dividends... Plastic

An oldy, but apparently a good payer... Tupperware Industries (TUP - NYSE) is yielding over 4% right now (4.11 as of Friday's close) and is trading at a p/e of around 15. Looks like a good buy. It has been beaten up a bit lately because of poorer earnings. But, this may just be the time to buy it. More than 4% is a pretty strong payout for consumer products.

Investing with Hank from King of the Hill -- Propane Gas

Don't know much about propane gas -- I think lots of people outside of large urban areas/major metropolitan area depend on propane. I used to spend a lot of time in Northern Wisonsin and propane tanks were all over the place. Some little grills use popane also and yuppies head to home depot and others to fill their tanks.

Well here is a national propane dealer! Suburban Propane Partners, LLP. (NYSE-SPH) It has about 1,000,000 customers according to the profile on Yahoo!..