Payment Processors, Alertpay and SolidTrustPay moving with the times…

If you are a regular reader you’ll know that in the last couple of weeks I’ve written a lot about AutoXTen and to a lesser extent OneX. Both programs are currently launching and have marketed heavily.

OneX was slow off the blocks as they had problems establishing links with a reputable payment processor. The delays led to some of the first invitees leaving and setting up AutoXTen as they already had a business relationship with Alertpay.

Eventually OneX got their act together and established payment links with SolidTrustPay.

As I’ve reported in previous posts I’ve never been a great fan of online payment processors and to be honest I didn’t think much had changed since I used them last.

It appears however that things have moved on for both companies. My main gripe in the past has been both the cost and hassle involved in transferring relatively small sums of money from my personal account into a payment processor account.

I did know that Alertpay were shaping up quite well as I’d been able to transfer funds directly from my personal bank account or use credit cards fairly recently. And it now seems that SolidTrustPay are offering very similar services. It’s not quite as seamless as AlertPay given that I need to go through a third party such as inpay (another new company I’ve only just heard of) but when I used it yesterday it seemed to work pretty well (assuming of course that inpay have an arrangement with your bank).

There are costs involved but they are much less than say a wire transfer fee. So, if you are thinking of joining either OneX or AutoXTen then you should not worry too much when needing to fund either SolidTrustPay or Alertpay.

OneX are also offering an alternative where you can fund your account via credit card but as of writing this post that facility was not fully working.

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