AutoXTen means business…a serious Business

The latest teleconference at 3PM EST today provided an interesting insight into how AutoXTen is aimed at those people who are willing to put in effort to succeed.

On the call Scott Chandler, one of the AutoXTen founders, made it very clear that to profit fully you need to find motivated people to join your team. He admitted that he wouldn’t bring in any of his immediate family as they would not be interested in making AutoXTen work as a business.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that anyone who signs up thinking that for a one time investment of $10 they will see huge sums of money in return will be disappointed. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts AutoXTen has to be taken seriously and worked as a business. He also made the point that people who think AutoXTen can be worked alongside other network marketing opportunities will be mistaken. It requires focus, dedication and enthusiasm.

When you look at this you may feel that all the original hype was misleading as the message was that for just $10 you could sit back and let things happen around you and you would be rewarded.

Well, life is not like that and neither is AutoXTen. It’s refreshing to see that no-one is trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes. If you join AutoXTen you do have to put in some effort. And yet, that effort isn’t so huge that you can’t achieve it. By introducing just four other people you can share in the plentiful rewards on offer. Help your four to find theirs and you know that you will succeed.

Scott also outlined how the products on offer will help people succeed in business both online and offline. He made it very clear that these are not just token efforts at producing content to satisfy their marketing blurb. Members will be encouraged to put into practice what they learn so that they can truly profit form all AutoXTen has to offer.

So, if you are not interested in creating a business for yourself and putting effort in to make it work then AutoXTen will probably not work for you and you should save your $10, however, if you really want to take control of your own destiny and be serious about it then sign up now. It is very likely that go-live will happen next week, if you sign up now you’ll have time to position yourself so that your new business has every chance of success.

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