Has Lady Gaga joined AutoXTen?…

I listened to one of the two daily calls that AutoXTen had a couple of days ago. These calls often showcase the leap in the number of members joining in pre-launch.

On this particular call the news was a little different. Rather than simple numbers Scott Chandler announced that the program was being picked up by a host of top sports men and women, tv personalities and others with very high profiles. Clearly the message about AutoXTen is spreading far and wide.

Scott wasn’t able to divulge any names so who knows, perhaps Lady Gaga may just be on that list…

Before we get carried away let’s focus a little more on the daily calls. They happen twice a day, seven days a week at 3pm and 9pm EST. They are an important way to keep members updated on how the progam is developing and what future plans are.

The calls are hosted by the core leadership of the company which I believe adds credibility to the whole program. They have been frustrated in the past when companies they joined weren’t able to follow through on their promises. They contend that AutoXTen will be different and are putting their personal reputation on the lines to prove this.

Don’t forget AutoXTen is still in pre-launch although the aim is that the go live will be sooner rather than later. You would be advised to sign up now for free as this will allow you to find out for yourself just what is on offer.

Just to note, calls are every day at 3PM and 9PM EST. The number to call is +1 218 862 6789, pin is 410632#. If that is not convenient you should also check out the two minute sizzle call on +1 646 222 0301 (+1 646 222 0302 in Spanish).

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