AutoXTen compensation plan tweaks…protecting profits for all

Last night my wife and one of my daughters headed off to Wembley Stadium in London to see a Take That concert. I’m no great fan of these events so was able to focus on other things.

One of these was listening to the regular update calls that AutoXTen do every day of the week at 3PM and 9PM EST. I’ve already provided some thoughts on what was said in my last post but thinking about it a little more today I wanted to make sure everyone was up to date on some of the small tweaks to the compensation plan that are being made.

Carrying out some tests offline the owners discovered that the way things currently worked was not optimum so they have addressed that.

A couple of days ago they sent out a broadcast email urging members to upgrade with the full $150 option if at all possible. I believe this was sent as a result of the work they have been doing.

On the call they made it clear that starting with the basic $10 is still viable but in certain scenarios some people could become disadvantaged if they have not paid up front for the four levels in the first tier.

Of course no-one is being forced into the more costly subscription and it would be a big negative if they were but I would counsel anyone who is serious about AutoXTen that they should try and fund the full $150 if at all possible.

I had a comment from someone a few days ago who clearly did not understand how the compensation plan is designed to work. It really is important that anyone who is interested in joining AutoXTen should watch the video that clearly explains how this all works. It can be found on the AutoXTen site.

Today is Sunday 03 July and on the call yesterday they made it very clear that they hope to start the 72 countdown to go-live on Tuesday 05 July. I would urge anyone who is at all interested in finding out more that they sign up here now so they are able to be ready to fund. You’ll need an Alertpay account so time is tight to have this set up and funded if you don’t already have one. Taking action now could be very profitable in the not too distant future.

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