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For AutoXTen to succeed for YOU understand the compensation plan..

Now that AutoXTen has been live for a while it’s interesting to see what sort of reactions are being generated.

Many of the search terms I see my site being found for are asking whether AutoXTen is a scam. The reason for this is probably misunderstandings of how the whols thing works.

Wassup…or is that Whatbizopp?

Ouch, sorry the title of this post even makes me cringe ever so slightly although at a stretch there is a shade of alliteration.

Anyway, back to the point of the post. I always keep an eye on how people find my site and the questions they plonk in the search engines. Time and again I see the name of Nick Laight appear. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Nick he has built a very successful information publishing operation over the last few years. In fact his success has seen several protege’s follow his lead and build established online businesses.

BullionVault steady as a rock…

When I checked my website logs recently I noticed quite a few queries on the stability of BullionVault. This both surprised and unnerved me and I wanted to find out why people were having some doubts.

Ever since I joined BullionVault in 2007 I have always been highly impressed by the whole set up. The website is always rock solid, security is very good and my account details are easy to access.

AutoXTen opened for business…

The hype is over…now it’s time to build the business. This is the general sentiment surrounding AutoXTen. As with any high profile launch there were teething problems to start with. It took much longer to populate each matrix than was originally advertised. Because of this many sceptics were already heralding it as scam.

In reality no-one should have been surprised that there were hiccups to start with. Eventually these were resolved so that now everyone should have access to their back office.

AutoXTen missed deadline

Looking at my website stats I see quite a few hits trying to find out whether the delay to AutoXTen is significant. Like everyone else the only reference I have is the website itself although I did receive an email to say that the go live had been delayed by two hours to allow stragglers to complete their sign up.

Is this the perfect online business?…

David MacGregor is a man on a mission. Having made a successful life for himself with an online business he always felt that for the vast majority of people there were too many barriers to success.

Time marches on for AutoXTen…

It’s Monday already. For anyone who has been following the gestation of AutoXTen the waiting will soon be over and the programe will finally go live.

At 9PM EST the membership matrix will be populated with all those people who have made the decision to invest some money in their future. Starting at just $10 members will be able to learn how to set up an online and offline business that could provide an ongoing income for them and their family.

The Countdown Clock is ticking…you don’t have much time before AutoXTen goes live…

In my AutoXTen back office there is a countdown timer that shows clearly how long there is left until the program goes fully live.

Why is this important? Well for those who signed up for free at pre-launch it shows just how long they have to fund their account and lock in their position.

A Binary Options service with 70% success rate…

If you are someone who thinks that the forex market has great potential for profit but don’t have the experience or time to spend there then Binary Options may be the answer.

For anyone who likes to invest in a way that is transparent then this is a good choice. The idea is that you choose whether the price of your chosen item will rise or fall over a given time period. If your assessment is correct you’ll earn a sizeable return on your investment. If you are wrong then all you lose is your original stake. So, this provides a good way to manage risk.

AutoXTen now has Pay It Forward in the back office…

My wife and youngest daughter have headed off to the cinema for the evening (they’re off to see Bridesmaids, didn’t fancy it myself) so I’m just catching up on the latest news from AutoXTen.