The Countdown Clock is ticking…you don’t have much time before AutoXTen goes live…

In my AutoXTen back office there is a countdown timer that shows clearly how long there is left until the program goes fully live.

Why is this important? Well for those who signed up for free at pre-launch it shows just how long they have to fund their account and lock in their position.

What will happen if, when the system populates the matrix, they haven’t been able to get funds in? Being rather brutal about it they will simply be purged from the system and lose the advantage they had of getting in early.

It has been made very clear and subsequently confirmed that the matrix will be populated based on the time that a member joined AutoXTen (assuming they have selected and have funds for their membership). This is a significant benefit as there is a high likelihood of spillover occurring.

If you signed up early, locked in your membership (even at the lowest level of $10) you will be very well positioned to benefit from any spillover.

Don’t forget once the program opens and it can be demonstrated that members are getting paid a further upsurge in membership is likely. Again, those who registered and paid before go live will benefit greatly.

Of course, nothing in life is guaranteed and no-one can say for absolute certainty that AutoXTen will be a runaway success. But if you stop and think about it for just a second you might see it a risk worth taking.

Let’s say you have $10 in your pocket right now. You could choose to spend it on a lottery ticket (today the European Lottery prize is around $200 million as it has rolled over for several weeks). A sum of money that truly is life changing. And yet, what are your odds of winning it. Something in the many millions against you.

What if you chose to invest in AutoXTen? Even with the numbers currently signed up you would still be well positioned to profit as the system goes live and word spreads. You will also receive valuable lessons in setting up and running an online or offline business. So, a choice between a large sum of money with very little chance of winning or a significant sum in AutoXTen with the opportunity to go into business by yourself for a regular long term income.

If you want to learn more about AutoXTen and what it has to offer you should watch the video and listen to the daily call recording on this website. Do it now before anything else distracts you. Don’t forget that countdown clock is still working…you have time, just.

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