AutoXTen in countdown phase to official launch…Ideal opportunity for YOU to join

As I indicated in my last post AutoXTen has confirmed that they are ‘open for business’. This means that members can now fund their back office in preparation for the official launch.

To make sure everyone does things correctly there is a video on the new member back office page that runs through what people need to do before transferring funds across. There is also a recording of the teleconference that had been scheduled for 9PM EST on Tuesday 5th July. I say had been as the number of participants exceeded the limit and the system surrendered in defeat so no call was possible.

Clearly, whilst the funding window is open anyone who has not yet joined still has a good opportunity to get ahead of the crowd. It’s still very likely that many people are sitting out the launch to see whether or not people get paid. This offers great opportunity for those who position themselves now. Don’t forget this can be a simple one-time expense of $10 that has the potential to earn significantly more.

You will need an Alertpay account for funding and as this can take a few days to set up you act fast. If you haven’t already got an Alertpay account the recommendation is that you open a business one.

AutoXTen has reached a defining moment in it’s existence, it’s survived significant cyber attacks the most recent of which is reported to have been one of the largest recorded.

The owners have consistently delivered on their promises and now it is up to the members to follow through by following instructions and continuing to offer the AutoXTen opportunity to as many people as possible.

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