So where was I?…

I’ve been in absentia from this blog for many months. The reasons are not really of great importance but I reached a point where the world of online investing had twisted the knife one more time and the pain was more than I wanted to bear.

I’ve had a good time to reflect and am beginning to find the motivation to tap away at the keyboard once again.

As I read some of the later posts I wrote it’s clear that my optimism was generally overstated.

I will be taking a good long look at things to see what changes I want to make and how best to take the blog forward.

There are some very small pinpricks of light in the darkness and I hope that I will be able to bring them to you over the coming months. One thing I won’t be doing is jumping on the latest opportunity only for it to implode within months. My strategy is evolving and I hope I can share some of the successes going forward.

So, for now I will reflect and post on what will be a patchy schedule, the aim to be more focused and direct.

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