Binary Options Pro Signals introduce IM alerts…

The Binary Options Pro Signals service is trialling the use of an IM service to inform members of potential trades. They are using GoogleTalk as the carrier and are asking for members who are interested to sign up now.

Anyone who likes the idea of trading the markets, whether that’s shares, commodities, forex or indices are often put off by the need to fully understand the dynamics of both the markets themselves and the trading method. How ever easy trading platforms become there is always an element of doubt as to whether a planned trade will be executed as desired.

Binary Options is a way to avoid virtually all of this doubt and confusion. It works on a very simple principle. Whether the value of what you are trading will go up or go down in a pre-defined time range. So, for example if you think that the price of gold will keep rising in the next 24 hours you could placed a Binary Option Call trade. Assuming that the price is higher when the time limit closes you will earn the pre-defined return. This is normally in the region of 75% to 80%. If you’re wrong you lose your original stake.

So, you always know exactly what the risk and reward is on any trade. The secret of course is knowing whether your chosen trade will go up or go down. That’s where Binary Options Pro Services come in. They provide advice as to potential trades each trading day.

They don’t provide signals for every possible asset as they focus on specific markets. You are free to choose which of the ten assets they advise on to receive advice on. In most cases there’s no reason why you would restrict yourself to particular assets so you are advised to sign up for them all.

Each day at 12.30GMT they send you an email with the trades they think are likely to be active that day. The email includes instructions of what to do. You can also sign up for free alerts that BOPS issue when a trade is likely. As mentioned at the top of this post they are introducing a new IM alert service that could offer advantages over email.

The current debt debate in the US is making the markets nervous as they react to the uncertainty that it brings. This means that BOPS signals have been few and far between for the last few days. If you are tempted to try the service you would be better off waiting until the uncertainty has gone and markets return to greater volatility. The BOPS service is priced at $97 per month with an introductory offer of the first seven days for $7. The service claim a success rate of 70%+ on recommended trades. This can be verified by checking the daily results that are published on their website.

Like any advisory service there will be days of feast and famine. As mentioned in the last few days trades have been scarce. On other days you may receive anywhere between 1 and 4 or 5 potential trades. Whilst 1 or 2 a day is manageable more than this would need a reasonable size of bank to ensure sufficient funds are available. If more than 2 a day are received it can create uncertainty knowing which ones to trade.

To trade the signals you will need to open a trading account. There are more and more providers springing up every day, BOPS provide a short list that they recommend but you are always free to find your own.

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