Auto Bank Builder place bot

Back in April of this year I received an email from John Duncan who has created several programmes based on horse racing and football. This email was to introduce Auto Bank Builder, a new horse racing system that uses a bot to place selections.

The selection file is made available on the evening before racing and all users have to do is download a zip file, unzip it and load the file into a bot.

Things started pretty well for the first month, then in May, one day undid all the good work. After that results never really improved and many members voiced their frustration both to the system author and by cancelling their membership.

To be fair to John and his associate Steve they did acknowledge problems and worked hard to put things right. Changes to the selection method were made and a new place bot was introduced. This works on the Betfair place market and as long as your selection is not placed in the race (that means generally coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd) you win your wager. Since the introduction in August this system has worked well. Yes, there have been losses but these have been relatively manageable and the profitable days are well ahead.

So, the site has now re-opened for new members. The monthly subscription is £79, in my opinion a reasonable charge for what you get. The advice is to start with a bank of £300. If you take this advice you should realise that winnings may not cover subscriptions for the first month or two but this should not concern you as the magic of compounding will soon see you well in profit.

As the service uses Betfair this may not work for some countries so you should check before signing up. I do feel that Auto Bank Builder has promise and is well worth investigating. The sales page is quite long but this is because John wants any potential new members to be fully aware of both history to date but also what to expect in the future. Take the time to read it fully as it will help in your decision making.

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