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Some good news from BullionVault. Their business has progressed to the point where they are able to reduce the commission charges on client accounts. Actually, this won’t come into effect until November 25th although that doesn’t mean you should wait until then before buying gold or silver.

Currently the commission charged is 0.8% on transactions. From 25th November this will reduce to 0.5%. There are other changes being made to Terms and Conditions at BullionVault that will benefit both existing and new clients. The main changes will relate to:

•       Preparation for additional vaults and vault operators
•       Terms for placing orders at the London Fix price
•       A new, secure password-reset process online
•       Amendments to our death and incapacity policy
•       Updating our policy regarding usage of our API
•       How unidentifiable deposits are handled
•       Measures to counter abuse of promotional offers
•       New terms for affiliate referrers

In my eyes this is all very positive news as the company sees a bright future and for one I am happy to be part of it. There is continuing commentary that the potential for gold and silver is on the up and the BullionVault business model makes owning both precious metals easy and affordable. If you haven’t yet been convinced please take the time to do some research as you will benefit greatly.

You are reading copy originally published by John Murphy at Online Investing Guru . I hope you enjoy the content and visit my site, Online Investing Guru, for more information. October 24, 2012 4:21 pm

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