EqPeak provides a financial trading education

One of the great tragedies of formal education for young people is lack of understanding when it comes to financial affairs. This has dire consequences as they grow older given that they make bad or uninformed decisions when it comes to looking after their affairs. I know from a personal perspective that my lack of financial knowledge in the past has prevented me from making wise investment decisions.

So, when I was introduced to EqPeak I could see that there is real value to be had here. As a new opportunity to the market interest will grow rapidly. There are five levels of membership:

  • EqPeak Member – Free, not eligible for commission
  • EqPeak Default – €50
  • Standard Member – €199
  • Executive Member – €249
  • Executive VIP Member – €349

Note that there is an additional charge of approximately €20 when paying by bank transfer or credit/debit card.

As EqPeak is still in early development the site does not have everything in place. You can use the EqPeak SMP virtual trading platform. This provides a way for members to learn how stock trading works and the terminology associated with it. As the business grows new members will be looking to buy the shares that others are wanting to sell. This increases the price as demand exceeds supply.

Clearly, if this were to continue indefinitely the price of each share would be prohibitive for new members. So, when the value of shares reaches 10 (currently around 2.25) the shares will be split into 10 so that each is now worth 1. Existing members will immediately have ten times the number of shares they had previously.

This process continues so you can see that the more people that join the greater potential there is for the number of shares each person owns to increase rapidly.

Joining EqPeak now will position you to maximise on this burgeoning opportunity.

You are reading copy originally published by John Murphy at Online Investing Guru . I hope you enjoy the content and visit my site, Online Investing Guru, for more information. November 2, 2012 12:27 pm

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