Last day to join NewGni

I very rarely post about the same online investment twice in succession. Today is different. If you didn’t read my last post then you may not be aware that NewGni is closing its doors to new members from 01 December. Since the announcement earlier this week over 800 new accounts have been registered so there is plenty of interest here.

The great thing is that opening an account at NewGni doesn’t mean it has to be funded, you can have it pending until funds become available. The minimum investment on the daily plan that pays 1% is $20 and for the weekly plan paying 6% the minimum is $50. I spent some time analysing what investing just $50 could mean in time. If you are prepared to be patient and practice some discipline you can reach weekly payouts of $4,000 in just a few years (less than five).

Clearly, there are no guarantees but with a relatively small amount of money and the passage of time the potential rewards are significant.

Some people may have been spooked by the announcement so the admin is allowing members to withdraw all their principal funds if they wish. Suprisingly however he is not closing their accounts and they are welcome to return at any time if they so wish. This is a unique feature that to me speaks volumes about integrity.

Even if you don’t want to invest now I’d recommend you sign up to secure a place.

You are reading copy originally published by John Murphy at Online Investing Guru . I hope you enjoy the content and visit my site, Online Investing Guru, for more information. November 30, 2012 11:35 am

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