NewGni to close its doors 01 December

In an earlier post I wrote about NewGni as being an investment that shows a lot of potential. I joined in February 2012 and since that time have been paid as regularly as clockwork. Well now that opportunity may soon be closed to anyone who is not already a member.

Jurgen, the admin sent out a newsletter yesterday to say that as of 01 December the programme will be closed to new members. To me this is a very positive sign. The reason that NewGni are shutting up shop is so that the team can focus their time on the important thing of profiting from arbitrage in the betting market. They want to reduce the management overhead of running the programme so putting up the shutters is one way of doing that.

They are also making another important change. From 01 December withdrawals will only be permitted once a week. Again, this is to reduce the administrative burden which I see as wholly positive. Others may disagree and unfurl the red flag. History shows us that when things change in programmes they tend to end up negatively rather than positively. However, for NewGni I’m not sure that will be the case. Since I’ve been a member I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the calmness exuded. Normally you always feel a ‘Dear members…’ email portending bad news but there is not even a sniff of that with this programme.

Even though membership is closing from 01 December you don’t have to worry about having funds on deposit. You can still join as a member and then wait to make sure you are happy before depositing. Personally I am very pleased with performance since February so wouldn’t recommend stalling too long before putting money in.

There are two sets of investment plan available. The first is a weekly plan paying 6% (minimum deposit $50) and a daily plan paying 1% (minimum $20). Whilst this may seem fairly small sums of money I’ve developed a spreadsheet that shows what this could turn into over a relatively short period time (less than five years). Of course there are no guarantees and caution is always the watch word but a modest investment in NewGni is certainly something to give real consideration to.

The programme experienced problems with Liberty Reserve earlier this year so you would not be able to deposit through that processor but you can still use SolidTrustPay, Pexpay and Ecopay.

As I said you can still join without making a deposit but the membership form will only be available until 01 December.

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