AutoXTen comes hurtling off the blocks…

In theory Network Marketing has a lot going for it. Robert Kiyosaki is often quoted as saying that it is a great business model. In practice however, things never seem to work out well.

There are a myriad examples of network marketing companies that have failed to live up to the hype. In fact the majority of people have a totally negative perception of the whole concept. This is primarily because the only people that seem to make money are those at the top. They recruit like crazy and end up with what can be a sizeable organisation. Unfortunately those on the lower levels fail to reach the giddy heights promised and a collapse is never very far away.

AutoXTen is designed to be different. The business model works on the basis of a very affordable initial investment that most can afford. There is a matrix structure where you are encouraged to persuade at least four other people to join under you. In typical fashion you should then encourage them to recruit four people themselves and so on. The small investment they make provides sufficient funds for you to move through the various levels of the matrix. If everything works as planned you would end up with over $11,000 once your first matrix is full.

You then graduate to a second matrix where your potential earnings increase substantially.

Now, I’m reasonably sceptical about all these type of operations and to be honest AutoXTen sounds good but is yet to be proven.

I took the opportunity to listen in to a recording of the regular teleconferences they hold. There is no doubt that some of the delivery is typically gung ho in what people can receive and for the most part you’ve probably heard a lot of the same thing before. Having said that the leader on the call Scott Chapman was very open about both himself and how he feels AutoXTen will work out. I don’t have experience of significant launches like this so hearing that over 12,000 people have signed up in the first 48 hours doesn’t mean a lot to me although the organisers think it’s pretty special.

What was interesting was the way in which he laid out why signing up immediate family (or even your pet) was not the way to go. I must admit I hadn’t appreciated the point he was trying to make until I listened again, now I see that if you sign-up immediate family it’s unlikely you can promote for all so will block progress. In fact the company will be removing such sign-ups if they are found so take note. The point they make is that you don’t need to do this anyway so you’d be wise to take heed.

From what I’ve seen so far AutoXTen does seem to be worth looking at. There is a free sign up and you will not be expected to fund for several weeks yet. So, you can’t lose out by signing up to find out what all the fuss is about. There is still time to learn more before fully committing.

The more observant reader would have noticed that this is almost identical to another opportunity currently starting called One-X and they would be right. It seems that One-X has taken so long to get off the blocks that others have decided to set off on their own path. Some people will join both, personally i’m undecided so will have to see how One-X progresses over the next few days.

Given that you don’t have to pay anything straight away you might want to investigate both further to see if either offer anything for you.

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