AutoXTen offers opportunity for those who embrace Pay It Forward…

AutoXTen is being heralded as a way for anyone to make a very small investment of just $10, do nothing else and as time goes by you will receive over $11,000 in return. Sound too good to be true? Possibly but not necessarily. One way in which you might stack the odds in your favour is to follow the principle of Pay It Forward.

In the first few days of pre-launch over 39,000 have registered at AutoXTen, impressive figures without a doubt. But before we all get carried away let’s put our common sense hat on for while.

The pitch says that if you choose not to introduce this to anyone else that’s not a problem. You will be placed in a 4×4 matrix and as membership grows your matrix will be populated for you. This will be the result of spillover presumably. Okay, so this appears a no-brainer right? Well, is it?

In theory of course this is very attractive. And yet if we think about it that spillover has to come from somewhere. So, if you are not bringing people in, who is? Clearly, some people are highly motivated and will be introducing a lot of people. As they can only put 4 people on their first level anyone else they bring in must be spillover. However, even the best people have limited reach and at some stage their ability to bring in more will stop.

To some extent part of this argument will disappear once the system goes live as either people will get to be paid, they will tell others who will join and everything will move along nicely. Alternatively, those who don’t have personally sponsored members and little chance of spillover from above will become disenchanted, start to cry foul and spread dissent discouraging anyone else from joining.

If you are an optimist the former view will be one that you are likely to be more comfortable with. If your glass is normally half empty then the latter is probably the way you might see things. Which is right? You decide but before you do think how you might be able to influence the result yourself.

Personally, I believe that if the vast majority of people stump up $10 then sit and wait for spillover to happen then things could become tricky. There is little motivation and if problems arise in the technology or payments for example then those with little stake in success will be the first to complain.

So, how can someone become involved at a reasonable cost and yet not have to spend endless hours recruiting? To me one option is Pay It Forward (but not necessarily to who you think).

The idea of Pay It Forward has been around a long time (since Benjamin Franklin in fact). By helping somebody else to start and getting them to do the same for others you are stimulating interest and keeping things moving.

So, how would this work in practise? Well, for AutoXTen I’d suggest that you make the first $10 payment for four other people. In effect creating your own first level in the matrix. However, the important thing is to make sure that the four people you help are willing and able to help others. This may mean that you would not do this for close family. It may sound an attractive thing to do but how realistic an option is it. In any family the chance is that only 1 or 2 people at best will have the motivation to invite others.

It would make more sense to find individuals who really want to become involved as the chances of success would be greater.

So, I’m laying down both an offer and a challenge. I’m looking for four people to bring into AutoXTen on the proviso that they will do the same. I will fund your first $10 entry once you have committed to do the same for four others. Your outlay would be just $40. If you follow through you will have at least 4 personal sign-ups that could potentially provide a substantial return.

You will need an Alertpay account as this is the payment processor that AutoXTen are using for the system.

Sound interesting? Drop me a mail at (replace _at_ with @) for more details.

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