BetonMarkets free webinars…

Anyone who is new to trading should be keen to learn as much as they can as they start on the road to making money.

One way that I believe has great potential is Fixed Odds Betting. Here you are able to make several types of trade and have the potential to make significant profits if you are right. The other advantage is that you always know what your maximum exposure is on any trade so it helps to support a sensible trading strategy.

The most popular fixed odds platform is BetonMarkets as it offers a good range of ways to trade and is easy to use. To spread the message about how easy their platform is to use and to provide some training on what strategies to consider they are hosting two free webinars.

The first is on Monday 18 October at 18.00 EST. This is aimed at beginners and is designed to provide an understanding of the different bets you can make and it will include some live examples of trades in action.

On Tuesday 19 October at 18.00 EST there is a webinar for more advanced users. This will explore in more depth the types of bets to consider and how you should manage sensible risk/reward strategies.

Both webinars will be hosted by Gareth Ryan of Investix. You will need to register for both sessions so why not take advantage of this free information to see if fixed odds betting is something you could use to make more money.

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