Bullion Vault could be a safe haven for battered investors…

It seems that all I’ve written about over the last few months is online investment programmes that have failed. Without wanting to stir too many bad memories we had Gold Nugget Invest, Genius Fund and latterly PTV  Partner. These seemingly genuine programmes ultimately fell and many people will be left disappointed and in some cases out of pocket.

To try and remedy some of this doom and gloom for myself I head back to my account at Bullion Vault to see how that is getting on. With the recent rise in gold prices I’m pleased to see that not only is my investment profiting but that the site is well established and managed.

For those who may not know Bullion Vault is an online service where any individual can purchase gold bullion and have it held in established vaults in either Zurich, London or New York. When I first started to put some money here I was able to easily set up a monthly transfer which gave me the chance to purchase the precious metal at good prices. As you can buy gold from 1oz upward this makes it an easy way to create value in this well known hedging instrument.

Of course this shouldn’t be the only place you put savings but as a long term investment opportunity it is a sensible part of any long term strategy.

The price of gold has recently shown signs of edging higher again and depending on who you believe there is still a lot of value to be had over the short to medium term,

The company pride themselves on the quality of service they provide and encourage new investors to try what is on offer by providing a free gram of gold that you can test the system with. Security is a high priority with the ability to set up alerts around the use of the account.

They also provide a very useful section on articles dedicated to the gold market so if you want to learn about this particular investment option that would be a good place to start,

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