Celebrate Earth Day by joining TreeHa…

Whether you’re a believer in the effects of climate change or not I’m sure like the vast majority of people you want to make the planet we inhabit the best it can be for all.

Today is Earth Day and whilst I’m certainly not of the tree hugging persuasion I do support any initiative that encourages us to improve our environment.

One inititiative that is being launched today to celebrate this is TreeHa from me2everyone. In this launch phase they are looking for people to join who are keen to help societies in Africa improve their local surroundings and increase the agricultural potential for the local people.

TreeHa is being launched with a range of membership options that require investments from as little as £1.95 (approximately $3). For this you will have 2 trees planted in an African region of your choosing. The full set of packages available are:

  1. Seed £1.95 2 trees
  2. Leaf £7.00 8 trees
  3. Branch £21.00 24 trees
  4. Tree £49.00 56 trees
  5. Woodland £392.00 448 trees
  6. Forest £2100.00 2400 trees
  7. Rainforest £4900.00 5600 trees

As I said this is the first phase and plans are to be more ambitious going into future phases. As this is an inititiative from me2everyone you will also benefit from earning shares in the company.

Now whilst m2e have been somewhat less than centre stage over the last few months they have been working in the background to bring programmes such as TreeHa to the fore. In fact this is the first of several businesses that they intend to launch over the next few months.

If you would like to learn more about TreeHa there is a comprehensive brochure available that explains everything in detail. Send an email to treeha_at_onlineinvestingguru.com (replace _at_ with @) and I will forward the brochure on to you.

I think this particular initiative has a lot of potential as we are able to contribute to tree planting in many deprived areas as well as create a business for ourselves that will bring rewards of its own.

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