CherryShares look ripe for the future…

This is the first time I’ve mentioned CherryShares as too often online investments show promise only to wither on the vine shortly after.

I’ve been a member for 3 months now and interest payments are consistently being credited to my account. Withdrawals are fast and as far as I can tell this is definitely one of the more likely success stories out there.

There are several investment plans ranging from daily through longer term ones. As you’d expect the longer term plans show a good rate of interest, 9.9% weekly and this is offset by having to leave your money invested for longer. It also requires a minimum deposit of $20,000 so for many this would be an aspiration I’d think.

Short term plans require a minimum $50 deposit so are likely to be more attractive to many people. Here you can receive 1.1% daily and with this goes the ability to compound your earnings.

The reason I am making a post now is that they’ve just published an update for changes that will come into effect at the start of 2011. Sensibly in my opinion they are beginning to restrict access to some of the plans as they have obtained the funds they need going forward. Initially this will mean that no further deposits for the long term investment plan will be accepted after December 25th. So, if you do have a spare $20,000 to hand this may be a way to put it to use.

Also, I should declare an interest here as affiliate links for those with less than $5,000 in their account will no longer be active in the New Year. So, as I have less than that amount deposited I thought I’d bring CherryShares to your attention while I have a window of opportunity left to me. Of course you don’t have to sign up under my referral at all but I did want to bring it to your attention  given the steady performance to date and the upcoming changes which I believe will be for the good.

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