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I received an email the other day from the admin of CEP Coast where they say that they have now got to the stage where investors are at minimum risk in relation to losing their money. The company has been able to build up a fund such that they can pretty much guarantee the 2%ish being paid each day.

This is great news as CEP Coast is the only autosurf I am with at the moment. I should mention that their other offerings CEP and CEP Coastin' are either in the same situation or very close.

To me this sends out a really strong message because what they are effectively doing is isolating the daily performance from the number of members that purchase advertising. As they also have their very own online money processor with CEP Trust there is little that they do not have full control over.

If this is the first time you've read about CEP Coast then I should explain that it is a manual autosurf. When you join you have to purchase advertising in units of $5. Payments are made via CEP Trust and you have to provide the url of a site that you wish to advertise. Then it's just a matter of clicking the Coast button and you will be presented with 15 sites one after the other. You need to rank each site before you move on to the next one (although I don't think this is absolutely necessary but I like to see what other people think of mine so I think it's worth doing).

The whole process takes in the region of 10 minutes and you earn in the region of 2.10% on your investment. So, for example, if you had $1000 invested you would earn around $21 each day. The site closes for an hour each day to calculate member earnings but this is done when the vast majority of members are asleep.

You can withdraw funds back to your CEP Trust account (minimum withdrawal $5) and then make more advertising purchases at CEP Coast, so I'm sure you will quickly appreciate that you can build up quite a bank with a sensible compounding strategy. I'm also impressed by the communication from the site admin as they are very quick to update members on any issues that need to be broadcast. If you are looking for a safe way to earn some online income I think you would be hard pressed to beat CEP Coast

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