Cranking the handle on FAP Turbo...

Now that Xmas and New Year are somewhat of a distant memory it's time once again to get serious about making money online. I've just re-started my FAP Turbo programme with the aim of making money each night this week.

When I turned off the software before the break I was showing a small profit on my one night of live trading. It seems that things have been fairly quiet over the holiday for sales of FAP Turbo as they still show 27 copies left at $149 (the price skyrockets to $399 once these are gone) so now is a great time to start. With a full 60 day refund policy you won't be risking anything as you can try before you buy and from what I can tell the owners are keen to ensure refunds are made promptly.

I'm using FX Pro as my online broker as they have good reports from the FAP Turbo forum and it is very easy to fund them (but not with money you can't afford!) by credit card so activation is pretty simple.

If you are new to FAP Turbo please make sure you open a demo account first and see how things operate. Advice at the moment is to use the scalper strategy only so please bear that in mind before you fund and trade a live account.
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