Daisy chain of funding to get Imperia Invest debit cards…

There are increasing numbers of people who are struggling to get funds to the Imperia Invest depot account in order to purchase a debit card package.

Imperia has de-activated funding through Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money and are only accepting Procurrex at the current time (that is when their site is up of course).

In essence members are being left to find ways to fund their Procurrex account in time to purchase before the end of April.

I’ve read several reports where the main exchangers SwapGold and Topex24 are struggling to provide an effective and efficient way to convert Liberty Reserve funds to Procurrex.

Looking at the SwapGold site I notice that they are encouraging purchase of Procurrex via Bank Wire so that is another avenue you might try if you can’t exchange your LR.

Another way I’ve seen reported is to exchange LR to either cgold or Global Digital Pay via WM Center. From there use SwapGold to change the cgold or GDP to Procurrex. Rather tortuous I know and you’ll need to allow for the additional fees but it does appear to be a workable option.

What about other people out there? Have you found a way to obtain Procurrex that is both economical and affordable. Let’s help each other make sure that anyone who wants to purchase an Imperia debit card has the best chance of doing so before the time limit runs out.

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