Diamond Cash Club update...

It's been a while since I've mentioned Diamond Cash Club and as there has been a recent change this seems an opportune moment. Version 2 of the programme has now been upgraded to version 3. Previously you could spend $220 and eventually receive $8,000 and a diamond worth $6,000, the new programme now gives you the option to forgo the diamond and receive a sum of $14,000 instead.

I'm now part-way through the Sapphire matrix and once I cycle through that I will be placed in the Diamond matrix and well on the way to the $8,000 and $6,000 diamond. I have done very little promotion on my own behalf so all of my progress has been down to the DCC Team that I am a member of. If you join the club you will be able to get help in finding your two necessary referrals which I've found very useful.

Also, when you pay your $220 you receive a gemstone voucher that is worth $300 that can be redeemed at the Global Gems Direct website. Note that you will need to pay separately for shipping.

If the thought of spending $220 is too much of a stretch for you then you can take part in a feeder programme at the DCC Team website for $45 or pay just $8 to join the DCC Team feeder programme. Obviously the quickest route is to pay the full $220 but the team does try to cycle all elements as quickly as possible so don't think that it's impossible to make a good profit even with a start of $8 or $45.
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