Digging Deeper for You into One-X

In a couple of recent posts I’ve recommended a new opportunity that on the face of it could make you a very decent return. For a small investment of $5 One-X will allow you to join what is being showcased as a new business model where everyone has the potential to profit.

There are a series of webinars that provide some of the detail behind the opportunity and as in most cases the emphasis is very much on the money that can be earned. Because the initial investment is affordable to virtually everyone (and there is a Pay It Forward facility for those who may need help with this) the whole thing seems very attractive.

Before we all get too excited though I just want to add some observations on the investment and whether you should consider joining.

I’m going to comment on two main points:

  1. Focus on the Money
  2. Payment Processor

Focus on the Money

What do I mean by Focus on the Money? Well, it’s clear if you listen to the webinars and read the blog the whole emphasis is on what you might earn rather than what you get in return. There is a passing comment that the ‘product’ is training to do with starting a home business. When I looked into this more closely it does seem that you will be encouraged to learn more primarily about network marketing. This is because your $5 is payment into QLxchange. When you did a little deeper on this site you’ll see that network marketing education is a key element. Again, there are ways to earn money by inviting others but the monthly fees are greater. There is nothing that I can see where you have to join the monthly payment program at QLxchange so it will be interesting to see what you will be encouraged to do once everything is running.

I’m not a great fan of network marketing so won’t be that interested in this side of things. As I understand it this should not stop you earning from the One-X opportunity but wanted to make people aware.

Payment Processor

The second point is the payment processor. The headline investment is a simple $5 and most people are expected to have that to hand. Unfortunately, online payment processors do not do things cheaply. Even if the company manage to make dedicated arrangements it is unlikely to be free. So, actually getting $5 into the processor will probably cost a lost more. Without making this point specifically the webinars encourage members to fund their account so that they have enough funds in there to automatically upgrade to each tier rather than wait for funds to accumulate from commissions. This is one way to minimise any processor charges but until we know more it will be difficult to assess just how much they will be.

Keep up to date

Latest news is that the countdown clock for joining has been delayed until some technical issues are resolved. I would still see this as a potential money earner and I am intending to invest, however it would be irresponsible of me to recommend it to others if I didn’t highlight some of the observations I’ve made above.

If you would like to learn more and think it might be something of interest to you then please send an email to admin_at_onlineinvestingguru.com (replace _at_ with @).

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