Don't be 100,001...

Just prior to Christmas 2006 I reported that Global Pension Plan had put together a very special offer where two people could join for the price of one. Even though this has now ended it is interesting to see that new member signups are still above 1,000 per week.

The total signed up to date is just over 33,000 and the prediction is that the 100,000 will be reached in a little over six months. Now I'm not sure whether this forecast is optimistic or pessimistic but there always comes a point where the principle of critical mass takes over. What I mean is that people who are hanging back because they want to see how things go will eventually decide that the number of members has got to the stage where the plan is more than likely to succeed. At this point they join. This will create a surge of new memberships and the final figure could be reached very quickly. 

If you want to learn more about the potential for Global Pension Plan then I urge you to take the time to visit the site and learn all about it. Your outlay will be very small ($39) with a very sizeable return to come (not forgetting bonuses for introducing others). Don't miss out because you are hesitating to finally see the membership numbers increase quickly, you never know you may just end up being applicant number 100,001!!

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