Duellatorus far from war-like forex trading…

Okay, the name Duellatorus seemed unusual so I looked it up and the latin meaning is war-like hence the post title.

Some while ago I was contacted by one of the principals from Duellatorus who was keen to tell me about this relatively new forex trading group. However, whilst the company is new the traders are not. They have worked very succesfully for well known trading organisations in the past. As in many other cases they wanted to try things for themselves and therefore set up Duellatorus.

Given that it is comparatively young the company wanted to gain some more exposure and asked me whether I would be interested in profiling their offering on my blog. I’m always keen to publicise genuine income producing opportunities so started a dialogue with them.

They pointed me in the direction of the Forex Peace Army forum where they already have a presence and that gave me some of the background I needed.

Long story short I have agreed with the group to let them do some managed trading on my behalf. I think it is important to mention that their services also include personal forex training so they have at least two strings to their bow.

Rather than write a novel suffice it to say that I will be investing some personal funds and they will be investing these on my behalf. The sum I’m investing is fairly small but I wanted a way to report on how successful their strategies are.

They have agreed that anyone else who might be interested could do the same as myself (maximum account $5,000) as long as they are recommended from my blog. Just to make it clear I would not be receiving any form of referral fee for this.

In fact I’d suggest that no-one take me up on this offer until I have something of a track-record in place. The type of trading they do can be fairly aggressive so I don’t want anyone to commit their own funds until Duellatorus can show what they can achieve.

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