Duellatorus Update

As I was recently reminded in a comment it has been several months since I’ve provided an update on Duellatorus and to be honest I was hoping this would be a positive response.

Sad to say that this is not the case. I’m a fairly laid back person and probably less diligent than I should be when following up on things. With Duellatorus that has created issues that I find difficult to report on.

In summary my fund has reduced by nearly 50% and Duellatorus have felt little responsibility for that. The problems first started when someone gained access to the trading account and managed to execute a trade that lost a significant sum of money. When this was reported I responded to say that this had not been handled in a very professional way and whilst I had a reply that acknowledged this there were no suggestions as to how these losses could be recouped.

Trading continued but was generally insignificant in terms of gains and came nowhere near the hoped for 10% per month.

As time went on the trading platform used by Duellatorus was bought out by AvAFX. This has resulted in extended periods of little communication and uncertainty as to what was happening with the account.

I am now able to access my new account but the sum available has reduced even further with little evidence of how this has happened.

In summary Duellatorus have not acted in any way as a professional organisation and in my personal opinion are not a company to place funds with.

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