Fair Review - Creating a Blogging Community

In the world of blogging there is a sense of community that is expressed in several ways. Rhys Wynne over at Fair Review is pioneering a new service. Just by reviewing one of the blogs listed on the site you are able to submit your own blog, hopefully to be reviewed in turn. I chose to have a look at The Prize Blog as it gives you a chance to win prizes or make some money.

If you are someone who enjoys taking part in competitions then The Prize Blog by Brian Aldrich will definitely be of interest. The concept is simple. Rather than you having to search the Internet looking for great prizes to win Brian does the work for you describing the potential prize and a link to the site to enter.

I found one that was of interest and immediately hopped over to the website to take part.

Probing a little further I did notice that a lot of the competitions would only be open to residents of a specific country (US in general). It would help if Brian could use some form of symbol on each post to let readers know whether there are specific restrictions on who could enter (a US flag icon for example where only US residents are allowed). I appreciate that this might take a little longer to research but it would be helpful to readers. Perhaps a footer showing a disclaimer might also work.

There is a useful list of categories that make it easy for users to find the type of competition that they are interested in. I enjoy holidays and headed for the Vacation category. When I got there it occurred to me that in a blog like this many of the posts become redundant once the closing date is passed.

So what does this mean for the blog?

Perhaps it might be useful to add a category that lists competitions that will be closing in say the next two weeks so readers won't waste time in trying to find competitions that they can enter.
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