Finding your Edge in Trading

If you want to be a trader you have to be confident in your ability.Let me re-state this,if you want to continue to be a trader you have to be confident in your abilities. This I think is the one most important aspect of trading that so many struggle with.When times are tough,we tend to chase after what everyone else is doing or completely change our game plans.I think game plans should not be changed but built upon.Weeding out the things that don’t work and putting the things that do work with other strategies as we go along,in the end that becomes your Edge.I’m working towards a more systematic trading style now that does not allow for emotion,or at least not high levels of emotion.I don’t want to go on to much about this subject,but would like to say that trading is a circle(sometimes a vicious one),and we must always remember to keep that circle open,as there is constant learning in the markets and constant change.Find your edge and stick to it,share your ideas in the hopes of helping others,but at the same time don’t give it all away,because it is yours as you have embraced it and made it so. Trading is a game of buying and selling,a game of give and take,there is always someone on the otherside of that trade that would like to take from you.Find a strategy that works for you and fits your personality,stick to it and follow the rules of that strategy,everything will fall into place from there.

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