Four Reasons Why Currencies Also Beat Out Stocks in My Book

By Sean Hyman, Currency Analyst 

Even some of the biggest industry players in Wall Street overlook a few simple truths that make currency trading infinitely superior to stock trading. For example…

  • Trading Day Lasts All Day: Currencies Trade 24 hours, nearly six days a week: That means there’s an opportunity for tradable hours no matter where you live. You can even trade after you’ve put in a full day at the office. You can’t always do that with stocks or commodities.
  • Higher Potential for Gains: Currency trading offers higher leverage than stock or commodity trading: Translation - you can put down LESS money to control more funds in the currency market than you can in stock or commodity trading. This means you have the potential to earn far greater returns faster.
  • Lower commissions: There are no commissions in currency trading: In stocks you have to pay a buy commission to your broker, you also have to pay the spread (the difference between the buy and sell quotes on the stock), and a sell commission. But in currencies, there’s only one cost: the spread. You don’t have to pay commissions, so once your buy price is higher than your original sell quote, you’re at breakeven. 
  • Completely Scandal Free: Scandals – the likes of Madoff or even Enron proportions – simply don’t exist in the currency markets. The currency market is simply too large (sometimes trading up to US$5 trillion a day) to be manipulated by individual scandals. 

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