Four Things to Know Before You Invest Abroad

This is my last communiqué from the ground in Los Cabos…and I want to use it to tell all you currency enthusiasts how to invest abroad.

Remember technically any foreign stock or bond play is an investment in foreign currencies too.

That’s because you can earn extra profits off the currency appreciation, should the local currency rise versus the dollar (which is pretty likely these days with the dollar sinking).

Nobody is more skilled in that area than The Sovereign Society’s Investment Director, Eric Roseman.

Eric has years of experience investing offshore… Heck, he tapped into global stocks and bonds before the word “BRIC” ever existed.

On Friday, he stopped by to fire up attendees and answer a number of popular questions:

How are global stock dividends taxed?

  • Most global stock markets withhold dividend distributions to investors (28% in USA)… and… unless you file proper documents, you can’t claim a tax credit offshore.

Where’s the best place to find foreign bonds, denominated in a variety of currencies?

  • EIB (European Investment Bank) is worth a look. It’s an AAA-rated EU financing arm that currently offers ten different foreign currency bonds.

What’s the best way to defer taxes offshore?

  • First, avoid offshore mutual funds…You should set your sights on offshore annuities, which are ideal for estate tax planning and also provide a strong measure of asset protection.

Which countries offer more favorable treatment of stock dividends?

  • There are actually ten different countries that levy ZERO withholding taxes on dividends: Hong Kong, Greece, China, Croatia, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, South Africa and the UK. (But remember, as long as you’re a U.S. citizen, you’ll have to report any income to the IRS.)

It’s been a fun week…a busy week…and if I stay down here any longer, my wife will get suspicious.

So until we meet again… Keep your chin up and your eyes open,
Patrick Bove, Your Conference Insider

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