Global Pension Plan - others can help to pinpoint if this finally is a scam…

Not unsurprisingly the recent update from Global Pension Plan has seen folks on both sides of the debate rush to put their view forward.

In a nutshell members are being asked to send €20 for a contribution to the cost of sending your final cheques via courier. They say that they have been unsuccessful in finding an online banking solution and a cheque is the only viable option.

What they don’t provide is a deadline for these payments and this is where it’s thought that others could lead. So, if you will have problems funding either Liberty Reserve or Perfect Money with the fee then by waiting to see what happens with those who do forward the fee you may be doing yourself a favour.

Personally getting money into LR is becoming ever more convoluted and frustrating so I’m going to sit on the sidelines and see what happens.

If it is genuine then clearly funding LR will be worth it. If not I haven’t gone to a lot of trouble and been conned again so something of a win-win scenario (if such a thing ever exists!).

I know one person who has already sent the fee so I will be keeping a close eye on what happens.

Don’t be panicked into sending off money as the update still raises other questions even if the intent is genuine.

Having a large value cheque dropping on your doormat may still prompt further questions and investigations from your chosen bank manager and these could take some time to resolve so please don’t get the bubbly out just yet.

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