Global Pension Plan rush out denial of email…

Well it looks as though Global Pension Plan are continuing to frustrate and confuse the membership. Over the last week or so members received emails purporting to be from the GPP admin and advising that payment options would soon be available.

As it turns out a denial posting from the ‘genuine’ GPP admin has now been published. So what does this really tell us? That the old database hack is still being used to try and fool people into sending additional funds. It really is important that going forward you don’t act immediately on anything from GPP until you are sure it is genuine.

There are many people who are monitoring anything being sent out so it shouldn’t be too hard to wait a little while and see what they have to say.

Also, updates are always published in your back office so that is another way to check to see whether it is genuine or not.

Having said all that whilst the admin has denounced the email that was sent out they don’t really provide any concrete information about the real payout. Some commentators are suggesting that GPP is a scam and until there is some proof either way it will be beholden on us all to not spend too much energy or time trying to second guess what might happen.

The update on the site does indicate that payments can still be made so there is still a question over just how close any payout might be.

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