HCI25 post news on their Home Page…

I don’t think anyone could single HCI25 out as providing consistency in the way they do things. Their latest news item appears on their home page and informs visitors that the latest LDTP will start tomorrow, 14 April.

Clearly it is too late to take part in this latest offering unless you have funds readily available in a payment processor so I’m not sure why they are making this particular announcement at this time. They also say that the next LDTP offering will be on May 17th.

I know from previous postings that I’ve seen on other forums that they tend to ignore any expressed doubt over their service but I do find it strange that they still publicise these new opportunities but won’t address genuine concerns that existing policy holders have, not the least of which is why they haven’t paid on previous LDTP schemes that have now matured.

As I understand it no LDTP will be paid out until the remainder of the RPP policies have been purchased. Whilst I find this somewhat difficult to understand they hold all the cards so there is not much we can do about it practically.

So, the news that there are now 190 RPP policies left should galvanise members to get this closed out and see whether the Emperor’s new clothes really do exist or not.

And yet…

Once again the update is not totally clear. Are there in fact only 190 policies left or do we need to add to that the 464 that have been confiscated from recently excluded clients?

They also report that they have sold 980 contracts in the second RPP they have started. That seems pretty bizarre to me as I’d have thought people would have purchased the first tranche so that they know the payout will happen before parting with any further funds…but then logic has always been a curse I’m saddled with!

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