Holding Int web of deceit even beats the internet spiders…

Some many moons ago an online investment by the name of Vanfunds suddenly announced that they had sold out to a Hong Kong company named Holding Int.

This new owner promptly drew down the barricades and refused to communicate with the dispossessed Vanfund members saying only that they were working on the member database and would let us know when they were ready to let us access our funds again.

Well, it now seems that all trace of Holding Int on the internet has disappeared. I must admit I haven’t checked that regularly as to whether they still had a web presence so was somewhat miffed to find that they have disappeared.

I thought I might find some trace by using one of the web services that captures copies of old sites but to no avail.

To be honest given the highly underhand way Vanfunds had executed this transaction I’m not that surprised to find that yet again honest investors have been taken as mugs. What pees me off more than anything is that Vanfunds was a highly professional site and looked as though they would be around for the long run. How wrong can we be!!!

I’m prompted to dig a little deeper into this one as the con perpretated is even more deceitful than others I’ve suffered. Whilst I know all online investing is a gamble even I sometimes get to the point where I recognise that the scumbags involved in this need to be identified.

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