How are you doing at Affordable Affiliates…

The reason I ask is that my own experience is not that encouraging. I signed up just under a year ago and to date I’ve made $2.10 in earnings.

And yet the idea behind Affordable Affiliates isn’t too bad. It buys low and sells high so it fits an ideal business plan you’d think. The idea is that when you join you will be allocated inventory from the gargantuan range of items they sell.

These are real ‘things’ as opposed to vague promises of money invested in various opportunities so this is a key difference from what I normally comment on.

To protect your investment you never actually have all your funds committed to one sale item, in fact the maximum investment is $10. And this is where I think some of the problems stem from. Because you have a relatively modest share of the pie any return will also be relatively modest.

The other factor to consider of course is the item being sold and how desirable it is to the Affordable Affiliate customers. My first item was a large Malaysian flag and that is still sitting in my inventory.

My one sale success to date is a dining set which seemed to sell pretty quickly.

So, what about other people and their experience. Have you joined Affordable Affiliates in the last year or so and if you have what is your experience to date. Whilst I like the idea behind it I’m not sure it’s a really viable investment opportunity for the long term although I hope to be proved wrong.

By the way if anyone would like to purchase a large Malaysian flag I know just the place to get one! There is also a wonderful dining table set!

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