Ignore The Master Plan advice at your peril…

Today The Master Plan horse racing bot hit a losing streak. Now, normally I’d have thrown my hands up in the air, used a few choice words and probably felt I’d made yet another bad investing choice.

And yet I didn’t. You see the advice from The Master Plan developers is based on small gains daily. For some people this may seem as exciting as watching paint dry. However, on days like today you know why they recommend what they do.

Profitable days may not promise a millionaire lifestyle but equally losing days don’t send your dreams crashing once more to the ground. So, whilst results went against me today I know it won’t take long to recoup the damage.

Hopefully my fellow Master Plan devotees are also sticking to the rules and yet I have a feeling I might be being optimistic. There is a members forum available and reading some of the posts I get the impression that some people are not heeding the advice and using higher targets than may be prudent.

I know that human nature struggles to follow instructions as many feel they know better but in the case of The Master Plan I fear that may be an unwise decision.

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