Imperia Invest and Chinese Whispers…

Have you ever played the game where a group of people get together and two people sidle up together, one whispers something in the others ear. Then that person turns to the next one in the group and spy-like passes on the message.

As each person in turn has their go there’s a palpable rise in tension whilst they wait to see how the original message has changed on its way round the group.

Almost without exception as the last person calls out the message they heard it’s completely different from the one that started out. And that’s the fun of the whole thing!

With Imperia Invest things aren’t so funny.

Lots of people have been hanging on patiently until the middle of July expecting that cards would start to be delivered.

And yet when you look back at the last update from May that isn’t what is said. What they said was that the banking solution would be made available by mid July. It hasn’t. But is that really such a terrible thing?

We all know that the world of banking is extremely fickle and even the smallest hiccup can slow things down. So we need to give them time to react.

The update also said that cards were being tested until the end of July so it follows that until those tests are complete any bulk issue is on hold. What if they find problems? That may again create further delay.

I know I’m sounding like something of a cheerleader here and that really isn’t my intent. I know many people are upset and angry and whilst I sympathise given that we’ve had no update from Imperia let’s not start to rant and rave just yet.

As has been said many times before if these programmes pay out then all this angst would have been wasted energy, if they don’t then we all knew the risks going in and we shouldn’t spend valuable time searching endlessly for answers that may never appear.

In essence all this speculation is online Chinese Whispers and we all do well to remember that.

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