Imperia Invest and their jack-in-the-box website…

As we fast approach the end of April many investors who haven’t yet purchased an Imperia Invest debit card package are becoming agitated that they won’t be able to get in before the deadline.

One of the big problems is that the Imperia website keeps getting taken offline for days at a time and this only adds to the frustration.

Whilst I can’t stop Imperia from taking their site down I can provide some help for people who want to know when a the site is either up or down.

I’ve found a couple of web based services that will do the hard work for you of checking. The first is dingitsup and this looks to be very useful. You can be notified in several different ways, email, SMS or Twitter when a site goes down or comes back up.

I don’t know what sort of timelapse there is between checks but at least you don’t have to continually check back to see if the site has returned. As it also tells you when a site goes offline you’ll at least know not to waste your time checking.

The next service is perhaps less useful as it is more about testing if a site is available generally rather than monitoring if it is up or down and in most cases you’d be able to check yourself. Having said that there are times when your browser suggests a site is down when in fact for the rest of the world it is up so this could be another tool just to give yourself confidence that things are as you’re being told. With the rather verbose url of downforeveryoneorjustme you won’t be tripping thisoff the tongue too often but as I say it does provide a useful backup.

One thing that you can do is as shown in the graphic and that is to add the name of the site you are interested in to the end of the url and then save that in your Favorites. This way you can quickly check the status without having to type in the details each time.

It’s a shame that we have to resort to these measures to obtain the debit card packages but given the ever decreasing time available for purchase it is very important that members have the key data at their disposal as quickly as possible.

Perhaps you know of similar services that would help people going forward. If so don’t be afraid to post in the information in the comments section below.

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