Imperia Invest continue to frustrate members with wall of silence…

One of the most commented posts I’ve had is to do with Imperia Invest. It seems that many people have an opinion on just what the situation is with this particular opportunity.

Even today one comment suggested that those people who signed in to their account and see a green band next to their debit card purchase would soon be happy as their cards are on the way. Those showing a yellow line would still need to wait (and yes mine is still yellow).

On the other hand there are comments still being received that the whole thing is a scam and people are wasting their money.

Of course there is very little real evidence either way for people to grab on to as arguments for both cases could still be valid.

The information void is being caused by lack of updates from Imperia Invest as the last one was published on April 20.

It does seem that some members are receiving replies from enquiries to the support desk that indicate a new update will be published in the not too distant future so it may be that some of the speculation may be addressed.

Let’s hope an update is forthcoming and that it provides a clear path forward as to when cards and ultimately payments will be available.

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