Imperia Invest maintain the butt cheek tightening for two more weeks…

As promised Imperia Invest has published an update in the back office. Surprisingly for them the update is pretty long and does provide some tempting news.

Of course, the end point is still not quite there and we have another two weeks to wait before anyone will be in a position to confirm one way or the other.

Again, the update is somewhat lacking in precise details so readers should be cautious about stating things as definite. Yes it does say that the iBanking platform will be available on 16 August. It doesn’t say anything about when purchased cards will be sent out.

If we assume that everything goes as planned any funds that can’t be claimed because owners didn’t purchase a card will be transferred to a trustee fund and disbursed to those who purchased an iBanking product.

Okay, so we are a step closer to the end and the update is positive. Having said that no-one should take things as a given. As always use common sense to understand what is going on. If cards are received and the banking interface is opened as we are told then we can start to really believe.

If you are lucky enough to be going away for two weeks where there is no email or internet you can avoid all the speculation that will most likely ensue between now and the 16th August. In some ways I’d be quite envious!

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