Imperia Invest prolong the agony…

I can just see it now, the naysayers will be out in force blowing their own trumpet reminding us all how clever they were in warning us about Imperia Invest. If you haven’t heard already Imperia has posted a very brief update to the effect that database programming issues will delay access to the iBanking solution for another 2 to 3 weeks.

This further postponement is disappointing but hardly a surprise given the complexity of putting something like this together. It’s so easy to cry foul and gloat that Imperia will be yet another failure in the world of online investing. However, I’m sure I speak for many when I say that “we don’t want your spiteful and vindictive comments”. We all knew when we joined that Imperia, and others like them, carry an extraordinary risk and the end result may be failure.

We’re not naive children and if we end up with nothing then it’s our loss and nothing anyone can say will make a difference. The claim that dire warnings are issued to prevent others from falling into the trap is feeble and self-serving. It would be better if you kept your thoughts to yourself and let everyone deal with the situation in their own way.

A few more weeks won’t be the end of the world and if it turns out successfully then all the angst will have been worth it. For those who still have hope just hang in there and let things take their course. Don’t let the Imperia situation dominate your life, you need to focus elsewhere until things are concluded one way or the other. Ignore the naysayers and let them find others to irritate and offend.

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