Is 15 minutes a week for 100% return really worth the effort?…

I recently attended a webinar given by Senan Pauser. He is bringing online an investment opportunity that requires 15 minutes each week. The aim is to achieve at least 100% in 12 months. He has been running a similar service offline for seven years so knows that what he has to offer works.

As he talked I was struck by one comment he made. He said that he knew for a fact that 80% of the people who signed up to his service wouldn’t stick with it. That’s right 80% of his membership would not spend 15 minutes each week on creating what would eventually become a passive income.

Is that really true? Surely anyone can spare 10 minutes on a Sunday to watch a 10 minute video and then 5 minutes on a Monday morning placing a trade following the instructions given in the video. Apparently not it seems that many will give up part way through.

Doesn’t that seem strange? The idea that for just 15 minutes a week you could achieve financial freedom in a few years and people give up part way through…perhaps some of us can’t provide the necessary focus and dedication that is needed for something like this. I know personally that what sounds simple and straightforward to one may be anything but to another.

And in a way I think part of the problem is having little or no emotional attachment. You see most people who develop systems are looking to find something where you as an individual have no choices to make. You follow the instructions, wait for the result and hopefully a profit will appear at the end of it.

Nice in theory but of course being totally detached means there is little to get excited about and so I can see why other things begin to take over and seem more important.

Senan’s point was well made and I have no doubt that it is an accurate assessment of people’s behaviour. Having said that anyone who is serious about increasing their income needs to accept that if we can’t do it through our own efforts then we can at least commit to following instructions from others who are willing to help us. We need to show the focus and diligence to follow through. Don’t tweak things or ‘just see if…’ as that isn’t what you are being asked to do. Stick to the well trodden path and accept that now and again we have to switch off our emotions if we are ever to prosper.

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