Money Making...Do It Yourself!

In previous posts I've made the point that, for the majority of people who are involved in higher risk online investing, we rely on others to provide the returns promised. Sadly, there are many instances where this implied trust has broken down and losses have resulted.

Of course the 'simple' answer is to ignore others and do things yourself. At least this way if there are any losses there is only one person to blame, namely yourself. Working on this basis I'm looking at ways to balance the risk of where and how I invest my money.

Previously I've featured the Business Opportunity Review as a good source of information for potential income opportunities. So, practising what I preach I took a tour of the site to see what might be worth following up. I'd already decided that the most practical thing for me would be FOREX trading as it offers the greatest flexibility around complying with other commitments.

I'd previously had a brochure about the Ian Williams Trading Course so decided to see what people had to say about it. Luckily all the reviews were pretty positive so I've decided to get my learning cap on and purchased the course.

Whilst still on the Business Opportunity Review site I was doing some more browsing and came across a link that led to the 10 most popular opportunities on the site. Keen to see if the Ian Williams course was on the list I clicked the link. I was glad to see that Ian's course was at number 5 so that encouraged somewhat.

Looking more closely at the list I noticed at number 2 another FOREX course by Sid Wyemann. Never having heard of this before I did some more investigation and was pleasantly surprised to see that there were some 30 odd reviews of the course on the Business Opportunity Review site, and all were very positive.

I went to the site to learn more and was greeted with a very down-to-earth site that, whilst lacking some bells and whistles of other sites, presented what appears to be a genuine and sincere offering. There is no hype or exaggerated promises, just the chance to learn something that could prove very profitable in the future.

Sid runs a 4 week course starting at the very beginning of FOREX trading. He doesn't promise that you will be able to make a fortune after the 4 weeks, more that you will be in a position to start an ongoing 'apprenticeship' that could be a way to an independent lifestyle.

The 4 week course costs $495 ($980) so will not attract everyone but the genuine nature of the site certainly provides a degree of confidence that is hard to find elsewhere. The next course starts towards the end of October and I am definitely going to be on it.

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